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Union welder welding a seam

United Association and Southwest Pipe Trades Association welders provide quality labor

Welding is one of the most exciting and crucially important trades within the piping industry. Pipes and fittings need to be connected in a strong and sturdy manner to ensure their contents do not leak or spill out. This work requires a skilled professional who understands how different material types interact, as well as the different techniques used to join them together. Simply put, a welder takes two or more things and makes them one. Their work must be precise so that it can stand the test of time and the elements.

In the southwest, welding is critical. Welders are in high demand to work on various pipelines needed to move oil and gas throughout the region. SWPTA affiliated UA Local Unions stand ready to provide any pipeline builder with a highly trained and highly qualified workforce of welders.

Southwest Pipe Trades Association supports training for affiliated United Association welders

The SWPTA affiliated UA Local Unions are the best in the pipe trades industry at preparing welders for work – in the southwest and  anywhere in the U.S.

These welders complete a rigorous five-year UA Local Union registered apprenticeship program, where they learn the ins and outs of the craft from experienced journeyman welders, while working toward multiple welding certifications. As apprentices they learn numerous types of welding, such as SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, machine, semi-automatic, automatic and orbital welding processes. Additionally they work towards earning specific welding certifications, which will require them to pass the UA’s rigorous welding tests before they can earn each certification.

SWPTA affiliated unions are more than happy to furnish any and all continuity records to contractors, as well as train welders for a specific job.

Beyond learning the basics of welding and earning the certifications needed to be the best welders in the region, SWPTA affiliated Local Unions also train their members to be welding instructors and inspectors. Having these tradesmen and tradeswomen on-the-job helps ensure welds are consistently and correctly made.

Currently, the U.S. is experiencing a massive shortage of skilled welders who possess the proper certifications. SWPTA affiliated Local Unions proudly help men and women earn these certifications and help them find employment as a welder in the southwest.

Positive work outlook for Southwest Pipe Trades Association and United Association welders

Work for welders in the southwest is plentiful. With the commercial and industrial building booms and the number of pipelines being built increasing in the region, members of SWPTA affiliated Local Unions are seeing high volumes of work.
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